Interview with Scott Lynette


What influenced you into getting into armouring?

  • My brother in law was in the SCA and knew I might be able to fix his armor, after fixing it and finding out what he paid for it, I thought I could make some money at it and gave it a shot.

    When did you begin armouring, and how did you start?

  • 1990, In my garage with almost no tools, but I had a wooden stump that I carved a dish shape into.

    What type of research do you do for your pieces?

  • Armor books collected through the years and friendships, and photos obtained the same way.

    How far are you willing to extrapolate from authentic pieces?

  • I try to replicate them as best I can, and don't like to work on fantasy armor. Why try to change something that all of the problems have already been worked out of before?

    What is your favorite period?

  • Gothic.

    What is the favorite piece/ suit you have made?

  • The horse armor of Waldemar VI of Anhalt-Zerbst from the Leeds museum.

    Do you have an apprenticeship program?

  • No, and don't plan to start one.

    What is the one piece of advice you would give all starting armourers if you could grab them by the neck and scream something into their face, that would be forever burned onto their soul?

  • Make armor as a hobby, and for enjoyment; you will not get rich making armor.

    What resources would you recommend for the student of armour?

  • Don't listen to anybody else, experiment and learn on your own. The best ideas are yet to be discovered or re-discovered.

    What are some of your other interests/hobbies?

  • Bass Fishing, and Family time.

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