Hmmm.... Deals? What is he talking about?

And you thought signing up for the Members page was just for contact information... Well, it appears that there are businesses out there that really like us and have offered discounts to the members of the archive... So, here are the rules... If you wish to claim these discounts...
  1. You have to have your name and info on the members page... and...
  2. You HAVE to mention it in the order form or email that you send to them... and...
  3. You have to verify that the business is still offering the deal. Sorry to say, they can cancel it at any time. If they do, please drop me an e-mail, so I can update this page.
  4. Oh... and did I mention this? You really, truly, have to mention it in the order form or email that you send to them. Really.

Easy enough? I think so... Lets hear a warm round of applause for cheaper stuff... Wooo Hooo clap clap...

  • Albion Armourers -- has offered a 15% discount on all of their historical armour. They stress that you mention your membership to the Archive when placing an order.

  • Dark Victory Armory -- Has offered free shipping (to US/Canada) for their armour package: Complete set of HDPE - Breast and Back with hip plates, Pauldrons with 3 lames, vanbrace and elbows, Legs with demi-grieves, half gauntlets, gorget with lobster tail, Large Duffel Bag, arming belt, & extra lacing. Price for Archive Members: $230 SHIPPING INCLUDED.
    Notes: Non-US/Canada Archive members can get 10% off in lieu of free shipping; added-cost still applies for larger sizes or other adjustments, though shipping is still free.

  • Icefalcon Armoury -- is offering a 10% discount on all purchases by Archive members.

  • Sebastian AKA Vallconnan -- Has offered a $50 discount off the regular price of his fingered gauntlets. Currently, the regular price for his fingered gauntlets for rebated steel runs at 250$ plus shipping a pair, Archivers get them for 200$ plus shipping. Vallconnan is working on getting a web site in place.

  • SwordMoon Productions They are offering a 10% discount to Archive members. "All they have to do is ask."

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