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We've tried selling link space, and, frankly, it doesn't work. It doesn't work for us, because it's too hard to keep track of, and because people don't want to pay for a plain, boring, static link. It doesn't work for advertisers, because too many places will give them a link for free. Finally, though, it doesn't work for our members, and while our goal at the Archive is to make enough money to support the costs of this web site, the ultimate purpose is to serve the Armouring community -- our members.

So, we aren't selling links as a source of revenue any more (well, mostly). If you want to be linked to, and you qualify (the requirements are easy), you can be linked to.

Eventually, this page will have a form at the bottom so you can submit your link automatically (we'll still check it out, but it won't take us so much time). For now, though, you'll have to do it the hard way. You'll have to send e-mail, and we'll have to add you manually. We need to have the following information:

  • Which one page/category you want your link in. The options are
    • Online Armoury -- you sell armour
    • Armourer Supplies -- you sell supplies for making armour
    • Medieval Stores -- you sell non-armour medieval/SCA items
    • Armour Construction -- you have online advice/patterns/essays/history/??? for armour
    • Member Pages -- you're an Archive member (registered on the discussion board)
    • Deals! -- you're a vendor who wants to support the Archive by offering a discount to Archive Members (anyone registered on the discussion boards)
  • What the URL is of your site/page
  • What the name of your site is -- this is the name that people here on the Archive will see, and what they'll click on to get to your site.
  • If it's an "Armoury" link, what types of armour you sell. The options are
    • LA -- Leather Armour
    • MA -- Maille Armour
    • OA -- Oriental Armour (generally far-east, but...)
    • PA -- Plate Armour
    • TA -- Transitional Armour (e.g. lamellar, coat-of-plates)
    • SE -- Sports Equipment (e.g. non-period materials SCA armour)
    If you have another type (or believe you do), feel free to try and convince me of the need to add a new type. Who knows... you might succeed!
  • A short description. If you ascribe anything to me (i.e. you use "I" or "me") in the description, it won't be accepted. This description will follow the name of your link.
  • Your e-mail address and real name. We reserve the right to verify the address. We reserve the right to expose you if the actual owner of the web site complains that you're claiming it as your own. We won't do any of that unless you do something bad, though. We'll also try and prevent your e-mail address and real name from being downloaded by others (though hackers are clever, so no guarantees).
  • A description of your discount/offer, if you are asking to be added to the "Deals!" page.
  • A GIF image we can use as the link, if you opt to pay us a bit (see below). Note that this is not an option for the "Deals!" page.
Please make each request for exactly one link category. You can certainly have links in multiple categories, but you have to make multiple requests, even if all the information is the same. Note also that the "Top Links" category is strictly a "by invitation only" -- you can't ask for a link to be added here.

If you want to jazz up your link/advertisement a bit, you may include a GIF or JPG image (a company logo) instead of a company name. The image must be 175x50 pixels, and it must be no more than 4 Kbytes in size. The cost for an image link instead of a text link is a one-time $20 charge (even if you use it on multiple links pages). We'll ask you to send in your payment after the link has been set up -- not before.

We reserve the right to order the links any way we feel like it -- it'll probably be alphabetic or by order of entry, but if we decide to sort by the IP address, that's our perverse privilege.

We reserve the right to yank the link if it is unavailable for too long. You can re-apply if you want to, after getting your site back in order.

We reserve the right to ignore requests which don't appear to line up with the category. We also reserve the right to ignore requests where the web site appears to be unsuitable for the general public.

If this sounds okay to you, and you want your site to be linked to by the Archive, then send an e-mail here with the necessary information. We'll get on it ASAP.

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