The Archive's Mirrored Pages

Several times, it's been necessary, or at least desirable, for other web wites to be copied to the Archive. This has not been done in an attempt to usurp any copyrights that are possessed by the site that's been mirrored, and whenever it's done permanently, it's been done with permission of the original site.

  • Mirror of -- Armour from the Armory of the dukes of Burgundy. Comment from the original site's owner: "This collection includes various objects well-known to the enthusiast, such as the horse cuissard mentioned by Ffoulkes in 'the armourer and his craft'. The captions are copied from the museum catalog. Most pictures are self-explanatory though. Commercial use of the pictures is prohibited by the museum, and I wouldn't like it much either."
    This page is mirrored because it is very graphics-intense, and even a couple people viewing it in the same hour puts the site over GeoCities' transfer quota.
  • Mirror of -- The Way of the Japanese Warrior: an exhibit at the Japanese Tower in Brussels. Comment from the original site: "These are some pictures from an exhibit organised at the Japanese Pagode. The pagode is a century-old building, and actually rather dark and spooky, there was not much light to work with. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry as a result."
    This page is mirrored because of the number of images on the page. GeoCities low transfer quota could easily be exceeded by a few people viewing this site.

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