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Bascinet (Based on Mid 14th Century Style*)
(* The bar grill was added to met SCA armour standards)
by Sinric

14 ga. Stainless Steel Bascinet: The helmet shown is a size small with close fitted bottom plate. The weight of the helmet is about 6.5 lbs. without camail or 12 lbs. with camail.

Patterns (Click on a thumbnail to get the full-size image)

  • Medium-Size Helm: Top Pieces

  • Medium-Size Helm: Regular Bottom Piece

  • Medium-Size Helm: Long Bottom Piece

  • Small-Size Helm: Top Pieces

  • Small-Size Helm: Regular Bottom Piece

  • Small-Size Helm: Close-Fitted Bottom Piece


I would build this helmet in the following order:

  1. Cut out the plates.
  2. Punch holes in the side/bottom plate for the camail mounting.
  3. Finish the plate edges and corners.
  4. Dish and shape the top halves.
  5. Weld the top halves together.
  6. Grind the weld flush on the outside and cleanup weld on the inside if needed.
  7. Shape the side/bottom plate to fit the helmet top.
  8. Weld the side/bottom plate on to the helmet top.
  9. Grind weld flush on the outside and cleanup weld on the inside if needed.
  10. Polish the helmet. (I use 3M surface conditioning disks)
  11. Build bar grill visor and attach it to the helmet.
  12. Add leather mounting strip for camail.
  13. Add the camail (You're on your own with the camail).

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