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Elbow Cop
by Sir Roderick Mandrake

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The pattern for this elbow cop design was given to me by illegible of the Middle Kingdom. It does not require a welder and can be done with a minimum of tools. I recommend that you use 16 or 18 gauge steel or sign aluminum.

After cutting out your cops, dress the edges by filing or sanding. Drill the center hole. Dish the entire piece slightly (if you do not have a stump to dish into, use the ground or a hay bale). Be sure to dish both pieces the same amount. Fold the piece so that points A and B overlap enough to rivet. Drill and rivet. At this point you can call it done, but I would advise you to curl or pad the edges that will be in contact with your arm. Pad and strap as you like.

-- Roderick Mandrake

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