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Gothic Design Notes
by Darivs
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Design Notes (Click on thumbnail for full-size image)

  • Sallet Instructions

  • Bevor Instructions

  • Gorget Instructions

  • Breastplate Instructions

  • Pauldrons Instructions

  • Arms Instructions

  • Gauntlets Instructions

  • Legs Instructions

I recently found my old notes on how to make Gothic German Armour, written about ten years ago when I was a young apprentice in armouring. Click on the thumbnails above to view these notes and patterns. Keep in mind that the patterns are not to scale, although the proportions are correct. These patterns and instructions were derived from construction of the suit of German armour shown on the left side of the main page of this website. They can be used as a guide for new armourers just learning the proper shapes of the parts of a suit of plate armour. Some details, such as attaching the finger pieces of the gauntlets to a leather strap instead of directly to the glove, need correction.

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