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Norman Spangenhelm
Single row rivet construction
by Halberds - 2003

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  • Cut the head band from 1-3/4" wide 14 ga. 27-1/4" long.
    Cut the front to rear band 1-1/2" wide 16ga. 19" long.
    Cut the side to side band 1-1/2" wide 16ga. 18" long.
    Cut the nasal from 14 ga.
    Cut the panels from 16ga.
    Cut 4 inside strips from 1-3/8" wide 16ga. 6" long.
  • Dish, shape and roll the head band; rivet or weld it together.
    Dish and shape the top bands. Raise a crest on the front to rear band.
    Match inside crest on the side to side band.
  • Punch or drill 3/16" holes to attach the bands.
    Attach with #8 screws and nuts.
    Reshape bands to desired shape.
    Mark bands; as to their orientation.
  • Dish the panels to match your frame; mark each one.
    The panels should lay against the bands with very little rocking.
    Trim if necessary.
  • Lay out the hole pattern on your frame.
    On the center lines: punch or drill 3/16" all the rivet holes.
  • Dish the inside retaining straps to match the inside bands.
    Clamp in place and match drill 3/16" in the center position only.
  • Crease and shape the nasal.
    Clamp and match drill in place.
  • Clamp each panel individually in place; and match drill.
    Attach with #8 screws and nuts.
    Place flat head screws on the inside sticking out.
  • Raise the temporarily assembled helm over a mushroom stake.
    Use the rawhide hammer to persuade the pieces to fit better.
    Raise the crest over a more pointed stake.
  • When satisfied with the shape; dissemble and finish.
    Sand and polish; to your desired finish.
    Reassemble with the screws sticking in.
    Rivet finished helm with 3/16" dome head steel rivets.
  • Massage the finish bands to panel fit; over the mushroom and crease stake.
    Use a hard wood dowel and hammer.
    Smooth out any metal to metal fit.
    Polish with car paste wax.
  • If a leather suspension is to be used, do not rivet the front,
    back and side positions. The leather suspension will be riveted in these holes.

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