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Sendai Do
by Apocolypse
This information was made possible by Anthony J. Bryant. The graphic is his design.

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Panel D, being the front, measures %25 of the torso. Panel G is %30 of the torso's measure. Take the remainder of measure and divide by two, the result would be the measure of panel F and panels B&M combined. Panel M has an added inch to its measure for it overlaps panel B, which should both be on the right side of the body with panel M in the back overlapping panel B in the front. Panels A,C,E,H and L should be the same measure as their repective pieces B,D,F,G and M.

The kusazuri of the sendai should mirror, in measurements, the torso pieces. It is composed of eleven panels with five lames to each section. The top of the kusazuri matches the waist measure while the bottom of the kusazuri measures the chest measure.

The holes in pieces D and M are used to attach the cord to cinch the chest together. The holes in H and G are used to attach the hardware for use of a sashimono.

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