Mid-15th Century Italian style leg harnesses

These Patterns are free to all with the understanding that credit should be given to the owners.

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Cuisse p1

Cuisse p2

Knee Cop p1

Knee Cop p2

Bottom Lanes and Demi Greaves

Top Lanes and Demi Cuisse

Upper Cuisse

Wrap Plates

  I would build these legs in the following order:
  1. cut out the plates
  2. punch any holes which are on the patterns
  3. finish the plate edges and corners
  4. Roll the top edge of the cuisse and upper cuisse plates. Roll the top and bottom edge of the two wrap plates.
  5. Dish knee cop and shape the wing on the knee cop. Shape the other plates.
  6. Add a crease down the center of the legs.
  7. Fine tune the articulation
  8. Polish the plates
  9. Assemble the legs
  10. Add the straps

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