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The Way of the Japanese Warrior

an exhibit at the Japanese Tower in Brussels

Japanese Pagode and Chinese Pavilion
Van Praetlaan 44
1020 Brussel
Tel : 02 / 268 16 08 - Fax : 02 / 268 21 56
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm

These are some pictures from an exhibit organised at the Japanese Pagode. The pagode is a century-old building, and actually rather dark and spooky, there was not much light to work with. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry as a result. The large tsuba collection is very impressive.

Kabuto and Yoroi

Gusari katabira (mail shirt), kote, (sleeves) sune-ate (shin guards) , kogake (foot guards) , wakibiki (armpit guards) and assorted armour



more tsuba's

Yari and Naginata

Ya no ne, and arrow fletchings

Various tanto and tachi, and teppo (matchlocks)

A gunsen (war-fan), war-horn, and a jinbaori in printed deer leather

An extravagant jinbaori (surcoat) lined with red European velvet (an expensive luxury item in Japan)

A small war-drum and saihai (commander batons)

An Edo period tachi, a shakudo tsuba, and a samekawa gift wrapped for presentation

Daisho fittings, a pair of cases for daisho, and ornamental jingasa (war-hats)

Utsubo (closed quiver) and yugake (archer's gloves)

Muromachi period katana and wakizashi blade

Saddle and matching stirrups with cherry blossom pattern

Edo-period cannon

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