Welcome to The Armour Archive! The Archive is an on-line Journal devoted to teaching people how to make armour. I try to gather as much armouring information as I can to help beginner armourers avoid reinventing the wheel, and to help advanced armourers grasp the finer points of armouring.

The collection of essays found within this site is just one source available. The message boards on the Archive are frequented by many advanced armourers who willingly share their knowledge with newcomers to the craft. Please, do not hesitate to ask any question. I have also set aside areas of this website for people who try to re-create medieval combat. After all, if there weren't warriors dressed in armour, who would we sell our wares to???

Anybody got a cow we could drop on them?

I'm never sure what to say in these things. This is JT -- I'm the site administrator, and one of the official "Editors" on the forums.

My goal for the "static content" of the Archive is to have a place where you can find information on how to make armour, on what sorts of armour are appropriate to a given time and place, and where you can find patterns to help you get started (or get you to drool in envy).

My goal for the "dynamic content" of the Archive is to have a set of forums where you can ask questions, and get the information you need -- where you can tell others what you're doing, and possibly provide information that ends up in the "static" pages, preserved for eternity -- and perhaps most importantly, where you can come to relax, and talk with people who share your particular hobby or obsession.

        -- jt --
        (John Thompson)


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