So, you want to help support the Archive?

There are lots of things you can do to help the Armour Archive. One of the easiest is to simply be helpful! When people ask questions on the discussion boards, answer them. When you find an answer to a question you had, share it with the people here.

Here's another easy thing to do: when you're looking to buy armour or other medieval goods, please consider our advertisers, and consider as well any helpful Archive members who sell things. If you go with one of them, tell them that you're buying from them partly because of their Archive presence.

Do you have a pattern for some armour? Share it with others! Send e-mail to an editor to co-ordinate this (it may be as simple as letting us grab a copy from your web site).

Is there an essay that you could write? Again... share it with the other members of the Archive. Please contact an editor about this before you go too far in writing it -- unless you were going to put it on your own site as well -- just to make sure the idea and style are okay.

Do you want to help out with money? Currently (in 2001), the Archive costs about $350-$450 per year to keep going. That pays for the hosting service, the domain name registration, and for miscellaneous software scripts (like the UBB discussion boards). It doesn't pay for the surprise re-hosting costs that crop up when the hosting service gets upset at the 15 GB of bandwidth used each month (even though we told them). It doesn't provide a hosting service that guarantees that large programs (like UBB) can be run on large databases (searching all the posts). It doesn't pay the editors. It doesn't pay for any Archive contest prizes. It doesn't pay for all the editors to go on a European Study Tour. <grin> Right now, advertising covers about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the Archive. Donations from editors and Archive members has to cover the rest. In the near future, we'll have a PayPal account set up. If you have some money, you can send it to that account. When it's set up, I'll also be setting up a chart here, so you can see how much money is being spent, and how much is coming in.

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