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Guide to Armour Codes
LA - Leather Armour
MA - Maille Armour
OA - Oriental Armour (Chinese/Japanese)
PA - Plate Armour
TA - Transitional Armour (e.g. Brigandine, Coat-of-Plates)

SE - Sport Equipment: non-period armour for (e.g.) SCA combat

  • ForthArmory LinkImage -- Armour codes: MA -- We sell highly authentic, European wedge-riveted maille.
  • AsgardArmouries LinkImage -- Armour codes: PA TA SE -- Steel and aluminium plate armour for Larp, reenactement or boffer fighting. Historical or fantasy.
  • DarkVictory ImgLink -- Armour codes: SE -- HDPE plastic sport armor. Ugly as sin, cheap as dirt, protective as hell.
  • By The Sword ImgLink -- Armour codes: LA MA PA TA -- Wide variety of Arms & Armour Since 1995. Custom and Standard Plate, Leather and Mail armour & accessories for Live Steel, SCA, LARP, and Fantasy enthusiasts.
  • Skaldic ImgLink -- Armour codes: LA -- Custom made hardened and unhardened leather armor. Hardened scale and lamellar is our speciality. Custom tooling and painting available on many items, including non-armor dress, squire, apprentice, and protege belts. This is also the site of the Viking Home Companion, humerous original Norse stories told by Torvaldr Torgarson.

  • Mad Matts Armory -- Armour codes: MA PA TA -- Custom made high quality maille and plate armour at affordable prices. Specializing in 14th century.
  • Oaks Armoury -- Armour codes: PA -- Custom crafted plate armour for man or beast available in mild or stainless steel. Fine reproduction or fantasy armour for any occasion.
  • Fireside Armoury -- Armour codes: PA MA -- Plate, Chainmail, and weapons from Dark Ages to Transitional.
  • Armadillo Armory & Collectibles -- Armour codes: LA MA PA
  • Illusion Armoring -- Armour codes: PA SE -- Plate armour for use in combat sports, jousting, and home decor.
  • Truehearth Armouries -- Armour codes: PA, MA -- Custom armour for live steel, LARP, general combat and fantasy use. Reasonably priced armour made with mild or stainless steel.
  • Merchant Medieval -- Armour codes: PA TA -- Categories include plate and transition armour as well as swords, weapons and fantasy arms and armour too. We are hand makers and do not import anything. We cater to the specific needs of the customer and whether re-enactment, or fantasy, we retail nothing.
  • Minamoto Armouries -- Armour codes: LA -- Minamoto Armouries is a part time armoury dedicated to producing fine leather armour. For those interested in fine hand crafted leather armour you've found the place.
  • Marek & Jizba: Replicas Historical Armour -- Armour codes: PA -- We are a small family-like company with several years experience. We produce armours from all historical eras, but we are most experienced with 14th an 15th centuries.
  • Thaden Armory -- Armour codes: PA -- Quality reproduction armour from Europe through the Middle East. Armour designed for those that reenact or just want to collect.
  • Hoseki Leather Productions -- Armour codes: LA -- Specializing in leather armour, transitional armour of the middle ages and accoutrements for re-enactors of all time periods.
  • Chainmail by Silver Tiger Art -- Armour codes: MA -- Handcrafted Chainmail Armour, Custom to Fit. Coifs, Bracers, Camails, etc. SCA Fighter Legal to Decorative. Stainless Steel, or your choice of metals.
  • Boldo's Armory -- Armour codes: PA TA SE -- Since 1989 Boldo's Armory has provided quality armor at affordable prices.
  • James River Armoury -- Armour codes: PA -- Maker of plate armour since 1982.
  • The Vistar Armoury -- Armour codes: LA MA PA TA -- Full-time armoury producing custom and stock plate, maille, leather armours and shields for the discerning armour purchaser.
  • House of the Wolf Leather Working -- Armour codes: LA -- Hardened leather armour customized to the customer's specifications.
  • Stonekeep Armory -- Armour codes: LA PA -- Low cost, High Quality Plate and Leather Armor.
  • Medieval Collectibles -- Armour codes: LA MA PA TA -- Carries standard plate armour as well as custom made leather armour, Medieval and Fantasy designs. And many other Medieval items.
  • Performance Armour -- Armour codes: PA TA SE -- A wide variety of armours in mild steel, stainless, aluminum, and Titanium.
  • The Schmitthenner Armory -- Armour codes: LA -- Leather medieval and fantasy style armour and accessories for the SCA, LARP, medieval and renaissance faire goer and fantasy costumed enthusiast.
  • Armour Replicas by Carmel Abela -- Armour codes: PA -- Medieval Plate Armour
  • Historic Arms and Armour -- Armour codes: PA -- Offering the highest quality, historically accurate armour reproductions in Spring and Mild steel. Suitable for combat and reenactment wear. Specializing in 14th & 15th Century plate. Many pieces IN STOCK!
  • The Armoury of Jiri Klepac -- Armour codes: PA -- Custom made historically accurate armour reproductions
  • Lucifer Armoury -- Armour codes: PA -- Part time armoury, mainly working on custom orders. No in-stock items available, apart from buckles or so.
  • Swords and Armor -- Armour codes: LA MA PA SE -- medieval armor replicas, swords, shields and weaponry
  • Black Shield Arms -- Armour codes: PA SE -- Hand made replica medieval sports armour at reasonable prices.
  • -- Armour codes: PA -- Sports Equipment Armour and Armour oriented at east Europe and Kievskaya Rus territory.
    (ed note - site is in Ukrainian/Russian (not sure which))
  • Kerr Armourers -- Armour codes: LA MA PA TA -- Manufacturers of quality armour. Also do maille jewelery and calligraphy. Supply arming tools and armouring services. Links to armour information sites.
  • DarkHeart Armoury -- Armour codes: PA OA TA -- ...a tradition of Fine, Custom Armour.
  • Temple Armoury -- Armour codes: TA, PA, MA, LA, OA, SE -- Historically accurate, museum quality, reproduction armour for SCA and collectors.
  • The Armoury of Stanislav Prosek -- Armour codes: PA -- Custom made historically accurate armour reproductions.
  • Von Sussen Enterprises -- Armour codes: PA MA SE -- VSE designs, produces, and sells chain maille armour, plate armour, and sport equipment, comprising a wide variety of great sport and re-enacting products. VSE offers a range of useful arms, armor, and accoutrements at great prices.
  • YUIOP Smithing and Armor -- Armour codes: LA MA TA -- An Idaho based business that sells custom metalwork, armor, and soon, handcrafted knives and swords. New business. To place an order, use the Contact Us page to send and inquiry. Any and all requests are accepted as long as they are metalwork or armor related.
  • Bow Sinister Archery Centre -- Armour codes: LA -- Traditional Archery Supplies and Custom Carved Leatherwork

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