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  • Deathmanor -- A collection of pictures of various pieces of armour all constructed by Sasuke. From the very first pieces to more recent ones.
  • Morgan Buchanan -- Morgan's page about his SCA activity, and other stuff.
  • Silverthorne Armoury -- This is the personnal homepage of Chris Arel, aka taltosh from the Armour Archives. It features past projects in leather and maille armour as well as miscellaneous non armour related leather projects such as belts, pouches and leather carving and tooling.
  • More Perfectly Period -- Resources for Creating Accurate Historical Impressions
    Ed: Not really just a "member site," but we don't have any other place for it.
  • Bascot's page -- Viking, Norman, 14th & 15th C. photos and projects - nothing for sale.
  • Leatherwing's Cave -- A site dedicated to things medieval,including maillemaking,armour pics,mead making,etc.
  • Owynn's Archivers at Pennsic Page -- This page has a list of Archivers who will be at Pennsic... where and when they'll be there, and in some cases, how to spot 'em.
  • Armour Design -- A photo essay of the construction of a full suit of medieval armour.

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