Medieval Businesses

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  • -- Dragon's Hoard Armoury sells many decorative, functional, replica, and re-enactment swords for the collector and enthusiast alike.

  • -- The Maille Market is a community market providing individual sellers a common place to sell their wares. If you are shopping for maille, you just might find it here!

  • -- A complete line of Medieval clothing, Arming clothes and shoes for ladies and gentlemen as well as the best, most historically accurate in stock Gambesons available!
    Our designs are based on historical patterns and research and are made of all natural fibers including Linen and Silk, bringing you quality and authenticity at an affordable price.

  • Reconstructing History Patterns -- Reconstructing History produces dressmaker patterns geared towards re-enactors and makers of historical clothing. Our easy-to-use patterns are exacting in historical detail and include copious notes of interest to the re-enactor and clothing historian.

  • Armlann -- American made footwear, leather, wood and steel items.

  • Bohemond Bootmaker & Cordwainer -- Thank you for showing an interest in my craft. The boots I make are designed to hold up to everyday SCA use.

  • Felix Needleworthy -- Custom clothing created by Felix Needleworthy.

  • Historic Enterprises -- Highest quality reproductions: Linen and Wool Clothing - Turnshoes - Belts - Pouches - Hats - Knives - Buttons - Urinals - Pottery - Lanterns - Arrows - Mugs - Hornware - Chainmail - Lamps - Jugs - Pewter goods - Arrowheads - Chest hardware - Armour

  • Rev's Rainments -- Rev's Raiments offers high quality clothing and accessories for the discerning medievalist. Most of the clothing is patterned from period sources, or constructed with period patterning techniques. While occasionally offering instock items, Rev. George mainly focuses on custom orders, offering a fairly short turnaround time.

  • -- Fine Hardwood Working Model Medieval Trebuchets. Order online, or by mail

  • -- Medieval Swords, Bowie Knives and Fencing Foils from Spain. Order historical replicas of Guns, Swords, Knives, Armor and Stage Props from manufacturers worldwide.

  • Jekyl the Hidesmith -- Leather garments, belts, pouches and weapon accessories.

  • -- delivers you into the magical days of Knights and Ladies, Mythical Creatures, and Powerful Wizards. Full selection of carefully chosen plates, vases, and candleholders and cherub figures and more. Perfect for any lover of the Middle Ages or Renaissance

  • The Swordbiz -- HISTORIC SWORDS AND ARMOR! Finely crafted Toledo Swords, daggers, armor,and sabers have been sought by the world's elite for centuries. Perfect for collectors, enthusiasts and lovers of the Middle Ages.. Complete online catalog and ordering.

  • Chainmail by Silver Tiger Art -- Unique Custom Handcrafted Chainmail Jewelry, Accessories, Headpieces, Armour and Apparel for Medieval Faires, Weddings, Belly Dancers, Goth, Fantasy, SCA, LARP and Club Wear or Just for Fun!

  • Historical Stud & Buckle Company -- Serving re-enactors, living history enthusiasts and makers of historical costumes by providing high quality recreations of buckles, belt hardware and jewelry.

  • Medieval Clothing -- Medieval clothing, jewelry, swords and music.

  • SwordMoon Productions -- All products are guaranteed for life, that includes: pouches, belts, baldrics, sheaths, boda water bags, shoulder bags, bracers, sporrans, sword frogs, axe hangers, rapier hangers, leather vests, leather doublets, pewter buttons, pewter studs, pewter beads, and chainmail.

  • -- Online store selling antique and replica arms and armor, medieval and japanese swords, military sabres, daggers, guns, cannons, medieval shields, armor and weapons, books, art prints and free articles for arms and armor collectors.

  • Talisman Creations -- Fine renaissance costuming meant to withstand years of wear and tear. In stock items and custom work available.

  • Reliks Swords and Collectibles -- Offers a selection of functional/decorative swords and armour from around the world and throughout time. They also offer a large selection of collectibles influenced by many cultures such as Celtic, Egyptian, Gothic and of course the Medieval Ages.

  • Renaissance Costumes Fabric -- Offering an extensive selection of wool, silk, linen, and velvet at discount prices available from A large variety of discounted sewing notions, trims, and patterns are also available.

  • Talbot's Fine Accessories -- Talbot's Fine Accessories is three sites in one. We sell how-to books and videos on armouring, shoemaking, metalworking as well as numerous other topics. We also run a jewelry and accessories site that has many supplies necessary to armourers including buckles, vervelles and more. Our final site sells actual historical antiquities and artifacts. These items cover the Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Crusader, Medieval and Renaissance periods. We even carry actual armour and weapons from time to time. You can own a piece of history starting at under a dollar ($1)

  • Medieval Weapons and Swords -- Armor, Lord of the Rings Swords, Shields, Helmets, Tapestry and more!

  • Armour and Castings on-line store -- bronze castings - buckles, strap ends,decoration,amulets,rivets etc.

  • Order of the Sword Armoury -- Offering hand-made battle-ready medieval swords for all types of personal combat & training, meeting all SCA requirements.

  • -- Currently an ebay store (with high hopes in the future) selling medieval and fantasy weaponry, mostly swords.

  • Rabbit's Foot Meadery -- Producers of the finest hand crafted mead - honey wine and cyser (hard honey apple cider) in the world. Their recipes and methods have been perfected over a period of more than fourteen years and combine the latest in fermentation technology with historical recipes to create unique mead in a style that is like no other. All of their mead, ciders, dessert mead and mead spirits are produced using the finest honey available without the addition of preservatives or other harmful additives and contain no added sulfites.

  • Merlin's Cave Webstore -- Re-enactment, LARP, and fantasy costumes and products.

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