Armourer Supplies

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  • -- offers leather pieces for a variety of uses at very low cost. Sold by the pound and shipped anywhere, our selection includes several sizes, colors and thicknesses of first-quality leather.
  • -- Valentine Armouries' Armour Crafting Video. There is finally a video available that shows the actual construction of a complete suit of 16th century full plate armour.
  • -- Plastic Lamellar plates, light, cool and virtually indestructible. Space age technology comes to the Middle Ages.
  • Decordene WireWorks -- DeCordene WireWorks is your complete one stop shop for chainmaille. Along with custom tailored items of maille for all uses he also has one of the largest selections of loose rings for the hobby mailler along with uncut coils, tools and "do it yourself" kits.
  • Klingspor -- Klingspor Abrasives is a manufacturer of the highest quality industrial sanding and grinding products.
  • Eastwood Company -- Eastwood provides unique automotive tools and supplies, as well as expert advice and solutions.
  • RJ Leahy -- Matt Broadway's favorite source for rivets. These people are super friendly, and have great prices.
  • Iron Monger Armory -- SCA Armor, Armor Making and Blacksmith Tools
  • Admiral Steel -- Huge source for different types of metal.
  • Metalcraft Tools -- Metalcraft Tools offers English wheels, Power Hammers, assorted tools, and videos.
  • Harbor Freight Tools -- The lowest priced tools available on the market.
  • Campbell Tools Company -- Metalworking Tools and Machinery.
  • Metal Mart -- The Metal Express Online Catalog features over 3000 shapes and grades of industrial metals & plastics.
  • Fasteners Plus, Inc. -- Fasteners Plus is a full line Fastener Distributor. They stock a lot of Rivets, Bolts, Screws, Nuts and related Hardware, in most sizes and finishes. They sell in small or large quantity. Great prices and delivery. They stock a huge amount of Rivets, Solid, SemiTube, and Tinner-Round head, Oval Head, Truss Head, Countersunk, Wagon Box, Flat Head to list a few.
  • Lamellar Armor: Plastic Plates -- Plastic lamellar plates used for construction of medieval armor for costuming or historical reenactment.
  • Talbot's Fine Accessories --
    Books and Videos: Sells how-to books and videos on armouring, shoemaking, metalworking as well as numerous other topics.
    Jewelry and Accessories: Sells jewelry and accessories including many supplies necessary to armourers including buckles, vervelles and more.

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